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Completing Overseas Registration is no easy task. At Global Nurses Connect ,Processing Hub, our team is expert in guiding you through the nurse registration process and help you to expand your nursing career overseas. Our processing hub provide registration assistance for the following jurisdictions.

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About Global Nurses Connect

Processing Hub-Overseas Nursing Registration

Global Nurses Connect is the only app for nurses who is searching jobs for world side. With help of our app, nurses can find plenty of nursing jobs listed on the app and can apply to the desired jobs directly. Also, we help you to connect with nurses from around the world. If you're an employer looking for a nurse who is reliable, honest and ethical when it comes to treatments - Global Nurses Connect is the right choice. We have an excellent track record of connecting the best nurses to an apt zone, helping them achieve their dream job, living and working in foreign countries. What's special about us? We know the rough ride for becoming a successful immigrant and the headaches nurses and their family has to go through. So, we make things easier for you. Getting things done in a much reliable and easier way is our code of work.

Our Countries

Our processing hub provide registration assistance for the following countries.

  • CountriesAbu Dhabi
  • CountriesAustralia
  • CountriesDubai
  • CountriesIreland
  • CountriesNew Zealand
  • CountriesMalta
  • CountriesUnited Kingdom
  • CountriesUSA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Regardless of your motivation for moving your nursing career overseas, you will have many of the same questions as others who want to nurse abroad. Here are the answers to three of the questions that I am asked most frequently.

1.Where can I get a nursing job overseas ?

Most developing countries are suffering from an increasingly severe nursing shortage. They simply are not training enough nurses each year to replace the nurses that are reaching retirement age. This is an immediate problem for countries which also have an aging population who are putting more strain on the health systems in those countries.

Each country has their own way of registering nurses. And nurses who want to nurse abroad in the United States, Australia or Canada face the added challenge of being required to register with the State Board of Nursing relevant to where they will be working as there is no nationwide system of nurse registration.

Generally speaking, you will have to:

  • provide evidence of your nursing education
  • provide evidence of your nursing license in the country you are currently working in
  • provide evidence of your nursing experience, usually recommendation letters on official letterhead will be accepted
  • provide evidence of your fluency in the official language of the country you are applying to register in

Your nursing qualifications and any specialist training you have undertaken may not be the exact equivalent of what is required or offered of registered nurses in the country to which you are moving. Most countries have a service you can use that will work out what your qualifications are equivalent to in their education system. Even if your qualifications do not transfer exactly, you will most likely be able to register as a general adult nurse. Once you are working in a nursing position overseas, you can explore whether you would like to upgrade your nursing qualifications by up-skilling in a new specialism