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About Global Nurses Connect

Global Nurses Connect is the only app for nurses who is searching in jobs for Ireland & UK. With help of our app, nurses can find plenty of nursing jobs listed on the app and can apply to the desired jobs without any third party involvements. If you're planning to Work as a nurse in the UK & Ireland At Global Nurses Connect, completing Nursing and Midwifery Council (UK) & Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland registration(Ireland) is no easy task. At Global Nurses Connect, our team is experts in guiding you through the nurse registration process and ensure you choose the right employer for your nursing career in the UK & Ireland.

Also, we help you to connect with nurses from around the world. If you're an employer looking for a nurse who is reliable, honest and ethical when it comes to treatments - Global Nurses Connect is the right choice. We have an excellent track record of connecting the best nurses to an apt zone, helping them achieve their dream job, living and working in foreign countries.

What's special about us? We know the rough ride for becoming a successful immigrant and the headaches nurses and their family has to go through. So, we make things easier for you. Getting things done in a much reliable and easier way is our code of work.

Nursing isn't just a job. It's a devotion and service for the betterment of mankind. And we help you to become one!

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